Creature Feature: Whip

Today’s Creature Feature:
Whip The Wyvern
There are many versions of the wyvern in mythology today, and these aggressive legendary creatures are also known as Dragonets. Whip is a little different than the average wyvern Joe, though still has some of the classic features. Traditional wyverns tend to have a dragons head, tail, and wings with two legs and a reptilian body. Whip instead has a scorpion tail, bat wings, talon claws, and a narrow beak-like reptilian head.
Although he has an aggressive nature, this wyvern will protect his friends and family at any cost – which is why this wyvern represents courage, might, and strength. And just like his traditional wyvern counterparts, he absolutely LOVES ANYTHING SHINEY! Whether gold, a rock, or a fork – Whip adores shiny things! Keep him near these things (or give him one), and he will protect you forever! Whip can be kept close to you to give strength and courage, or hung up in your home to provide protection against enemies.

You can meet Whip in person at the Midwest Conjurefest Sept. 10th, or on Labor Day (Sept. 4th) in the Old Market! (You can also find Whip here!)

We hope to see you there! (And whip requests you bring something shiny!)

Thanks for reading, have a great evening!


For the Weekend (June 9 – 11th)

Going to be very busy for the month of June (well, for the next year actually) however, I will just mention for this weekend right now!

I will be at the Omaha Summer Arts Festival on June 10th, 2017 for the Omaha Arts Council. We will be handing out flyers and having a Come Paint With US! event near Cupcake Omaha. The Paint with us event will be from June 9 – 11th all day. For more info you can check out

Also on the list to do:

  • I will be working on my next eBook for the Ashley’s Diary series 🙂 (The first being – Dear Diary: Today I woke up a werewolf). I will have it completed by June 30th and have it up on Amazon by July 1st ^.^
  • I’ll be making Red, White, and Blue themed beaded animals and tissue paper flowers to sell in the old market this weekend (near the Come Paint With Us! event). The beaded animals will also be available on my square store for those not in the Omaha-Metro area 🙂 (I don’t put the flowers on there due to their fragile nature when shipping)

So yeah, that sums up most of it! (For this weekend anyway lol)

Have a great weekend! Hope to see you out at the Festival!