Over Easter


Giving blood 🙂
Over the Easter weekend I donated blood, volunteered to get body painted at Eggceptance (The Max, Omaha NE), and went to an Easter gathering (as well as worked on my business stuff XD ).

Thank you to the volunteers at the Red Cross for the pleasant donation experience!

And Thank you to all those who were in and attended Eggceptance!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Luck O’ The Irish

Updates 03-16-2017

I created some green items for celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. A little delayed being it’s tomorrow x.x Though they are still pretty even after the day for wearing green.

IMAG0237In addition, I created a new pattern: the Cockatrice. It is my depiction of the mythical beast, having bat like wings, scattered feathers, and an unkempt/uneven tail. Depending on which mythology and area, these creatures use petrification or poisonous breath, bite, and/or even a death glare (no really, one look could kill). Despite these deadly tales, the cockatrice’s I make are more guardian’s and watchers than death bringers.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! And a happy St. Patrick’s Day!



One of my other patterns I made up while in Washington ^.^

The chimera in mythology generally has three heads: Dragon, Lion, and Goat – with a lion’s body and either a snakes tail or a scorpion tail. My version has a snake tail, which fits well with the end of the wire because I made a tongue out of it 🙂 Also the snake tail seems to keep the front from being too top heavy (which I found to be a little bit of an issue with Cerberus – he’s top heavy). I set a quarter next to the finished prototype to show how small the seed beads are I work with. The chimera is barely twice as big as the quarter! LOL I might make my next Chimera with a scorpion tail just to see how it comes out, which it might look similar to the manticore except with three heads.

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Have A Goodnight ❤ And thank you for reading 🙂


A warm welcome to Cerberus, the newest addition to the fantasy beaded animals! He may be tiny, but he’s a force to be reckoned with. Cerberus is the three headed dog of mythology that guards the gates of the underworld, which makes this canine triple trouble! This little guy was fun to make, and being my own pattern, very satisfying as well ^.^ I used brown tone, gold, and red seed beads and wire to create this little guy. It took me a few tries to get the pattern right, though it was well worth the effort!

Hope you have a great weekend! Thanks for reading! 🙂

How I Travel

imag00061When I travel, I like to change it up. Some people like to wear pajamas, others business suits – I like to dress up in costume 🙂 It brings a smile to some people’s faces, and its fun for me (being I like to dress up anyway). It’s fun doing something different, and still be myself at the same time =^.^=

Hope everyone has had a great February so far! I was in Washington spending time with a good friend 🙂

Have a great evening!

P.S. While there I created some new patterns! Will be posting them soon! ^.^

If I were an Anime Character…

I was asked the other day – If you were an anime character, who would you be?


I would be that side character who is so powerful (and seemingly invincible) that all the bad guys (and good guys) get annoyed with. If you know anime, you know that character. They seem to come out of no where, can’t be killed, and annoy the hell out of the other characters with their aloof attitude, curiosity, or are just plain annoying. No matter how much the bad guys (or even good guys) try to attack them, they seem to slip out or concur all odds. Those that try to kill them either end up frustrated, or dead themselves.

These side characters remind me of myself….So If I were an Anime character, I would be THAT person LOL.