Creature Feature: TED

Today’s Creature Feature:

TED The Fire Drake

TED is known for his colors of red and gold. When the sun hits his red scales, they seem to glow much like stained glass, and his golden eyes shine like candle light. He protects those who keep him close, providing Strength, Courage, and Friendship. Although an honorable Drake, he still enjoys treasures of the material kind – especially GOLD! Make no mistake though, this Drake would never STEAL anything!!!

You can meet TED personally September 10th at the Midwest Conjurefest! So stop on by and say Hi 🙂 You could be the lucky one to take TED home!

*Can’t Make it to Conjurefest? You can also find TED Here!)

TED Back View
TED Back View
TED Front View
TED Front View

Tuesday August 15, 2017

With Midwest Conjurefest coming up next month, I’m working on making some of my beaded creations. One of them will be exclusive to Conjurefest, and a few others will be exclusive to the Halloween season 🙂 There, you will get a sneak preview into what’s to come in October! In the days leading up to Conjurefest, I will be featuring one of my beaded creations – giving them a moment in the spotlight along side some interesting facts about them! In addition, I will also be doing a drawing at Conjurefest for a FREE custom made beaded creation. So make sure to come visit me and enter into the drawing! Until then, think of what creation you like the most, and what colors you would like it to be – you could be the winner!

For those unable to make Conjurefest, or don’t live in Nebraska, I will be doing an online special for the 10th of September only. This special will include exclusive first access to the Halloween creations before their official October release! (More details soon to come)

For those new to the Midwest Conjurefest, this is a FREE family friendly event where thre will be a variety of readers, venders, music, and food. It’s on September 10th from 12:00pm – 6:00pm. For more information, check our their FaceBook page or Event Page 🙂

We look forward to seeing you there!

It’s Almost That Time Again…

Conjure Fest is coming September 10th of this year!

I attended last year with my beaded creations, and am going to again this year! I’m pretty excited because I love the environment there, everyone is so nice, AND i’m in the process of creating a new beaded pattern special for this event!!! (HINT: It involves eyeballs O.O ) It’s going to be held at the Conjure Shop in Omaha Nebraska 🙂

Stay tuned for more updates, and information about some of the beaded creations I will be featuring there!

Have a GREAT weekend everyone! Thanks for reading!

Golden Gryphon
One of my newest color patterns for the Gryphon 🙂

On the Agenda (June 19 – 25)

It’s been a very stressful couple of weeks, been working really hard and learning A LOT! Thus my delays in blogging… To somewhat relax (well attempted to relax, but didn’t work so well x.x), I worked on a couple art things with Independence Day coming up soon.

The beaded animal part I’m pretty much finished with and have them listed on my etsy site (which I reopened). The book part I’m still working on, but anticipating to be done by July 1st 🙂

I hope everyone had a great week last week, and has a wonderful week this week!

Goodnight and sweet dreams! ❤

For the Weekend (June 9 – 11th)

Going to be very busy for the month of June (well, for the next year actually) however, I will just mention for this weekend right now!

I will be at the Omaha Summer Arts Festival on June 10th, 2017 for the Omaha Arts Council. We will be handing out flyers and having a Come Paint With US! event near Cupcake Omaha. The Paint with us event will be from June 9 – 11th all day. For more info you can check out

Also on the list to do:

  • I will be working on my next eBook for the Ashley’s Diary series 🙂 (The first being – Dear Diary: Today I woke up a werewolf). I will have it completed by June 30th and have it up on Amazon by July 1st ^.^
  • I’ll be making Red, White, and Blue themed beaded animals and tissue paper flowers to sell in the old market this weekend (near the Come Paint With Us! event). The beaded animals will also be available on my square store for those not in the Omaha-Metro area 🙂 (I don’t put the flowers on there due to their fragile nature when shipping)

So yeah, that sums up most of it! (For this weekend anyway lol)

Have a great weekend! Hope to see you out at the Festival!


Monday Musings…On Tuesday?

Monday Musings… On Tuesday

Good evening!

This post is a day late due to some technical difficulties!

As an update, I submitted my short story for the Kindle UK contest and am now awaiting for it to be reviewed. It’s called: Dear Diary, Today I Woke Up A Werewolf. I’m pretty excited, it’s my first fantasy diary format I’ve done. I’m hopeful it will do well! I’ll let you know once it’s up on Amazon 🙂

On another note, Today I visited the Intercultural Senior Center in Omaha and volunteered to teach an art class June 8th at 12:00 p.m. =^.^= It will be my first time teaching at a senior center, so I’m a little nervous yet excited! I will be teaching them how to make tissue paper flowers (carnations to be exact).

To add to it, I’ve attended several meetings this past week (including the weekend!) and worked at the Veterinary Clinic as well – Busy! Busy! Oh, and also happy belated Mother’s Day to Mom’s (both the Fuzzy animal kind and little people kind!)

Have a great evening! Thanks for reading!


Tick’s are bad near the water right now, I’m still finding them from my shoes on my Sunday hike! (Little rascals!) IMAG0417[1]

Luck O’ The Irish

Updates 03-16-2017

I created some green items for celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. A little delayed being it’s tomorrow x.x Though they are still pretty even after the day for wearing green.

IMAG0237In addition, I created a new pattern: the Cockatrice. It is my depiction of the mythical beast, having bat like wings, scattered feathers, and an unkempt/uneven tail. Depending on which mythology and area, these creatures use petrification or poisonous breath, bite, and/or even a death glare (no really, one look could kill). Despite these deadly tales, the cockatrice’s I make are more guardian’s and watchers than death bringers.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! And a happy St. Patrick’s Day!