Update: December 1, 2017

This will be the last month I am selling my beaded animals online. Due to other business endevers, I will no longer have the time to make them for sale. I will occasionally attend art shows and bring them with me, however, this will not be on a regular basis.

I want to thank all those who have supported me in my beaded art venture, you have inspired me to create beautiful works! And thank you to all those who stopped by my table during festivals!

I hope everyone has a wonderful new year in 2018!


LMo The Artist


Update From The Weekend (9/10/17)

It was a BEAUTIFUL day September 10th! Although it rained early on, it soon stopped and was gorgeous from there on! Congrats to Hally for winning the Drawing for a beaded creation! She chose the Praying Mantis, known for bringing good luck!

Also, I’ll be getting ready for the Halloween season here shortly, with some new (and returning) beaded creations!

Have a great day!

It’s This Weekend!

The Midwest Conjurefest is this Sunday, Sept 10th from 12:00pm – 6:00pm. This Free family friendly event has venders, tarot readers, my featured creatures, and more! Come on down, see all the goodies, meet the friendly people, and have fun!

Also, I will be doing a drawing at the end of the day on Sunday for a chance to win a FREE custom beaded animal of your choice. (You do not have to be present to win, though you will have to fill out the drawing form in person.)

For those unable to make Conjurefest, or do not live in Nebraska, I will be doing an online special for the 10th only – showcasing some of my Halloween creations before their official release October 1st – 31st. Mos of these creations featured will only be available for October Only, then they’ll be gone till next year! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to meet them, or take them home to be part of your family!

Today’s Creature Feature: Fiona The Phoenix

Fiona’s beautiful red, orange, and yellow feathers radiate warmth – as if from a fireplace. Her long tail feathers can wrap around you in a warm embrace, providing comfort and nurturing. Although phoenix’s traditionally represent Rebirth, Fiona also represents the heart, support, and inner peace. By keeping Fiona in a place that’s quiet or where you sleep, she will help you to fall asleep, meditate, and/or provide you with silent company.

Thanks For Reading! Have a WONDERFUL Evening!

Creature Feature: Whip

Today’s Creature Feature:
Whip The Wyvern
There are many versions of the wyvern in mythology today, and these aggressive legendary creatures are also known as Dragonets. Whip is a little different than the average wyvern Joe, though still has some of the classic features. Traditional wyverns tend to have a dragons head, tail, and wings with two legs and a reptilian body. Whip instead has a scorpion tail, bat wings, talon claws, and a narrow beak-like reptilian head.
Although he has an aggressive nature, this wyvern will protect his friends and family at any cost – which is why this wyvern represents courage, might, and strength. And just like his traditional wyvern counterparts, he absolutely LOVES ANYTHING SHINEY! Whether gold, a rock, or a fork – Whip adores shiny things! Keep him near these things (or give him one), and he will protect you forever! Whip can be kept close to you to give strength and courage, or hung up in your home to provide protection against enemies.

You can meet Whip in person at the Midwest Conjurefest Sept. 10th, or on Labor Day (Sept. 4th) in the Old Market! (You can also find Whip here!)

We hope to see you there! (And whip requests you bring something shiny!)

Thanks for reading, have a great evening!

Creature Feature: The Manticore Trio

Today’s Creature Feature:

The Manticore Trio

Although manticore’s are known to be “man-eaters” in Persian mythology, this trio prefers the decadent flavor of beef! These feisty creatures have the heads and body of a lion, the wings of a bat, and the tails of a scorpion. To the far left is Solar, his long mane a deep golden brown in representation of masculinity, pride, and dominance. In the middle is Eclipse, her slender form representing femininity, elegance, and gracefulness.  Then on the far right is Luna, her deep black fur and silver tones representing the moon, space, and night. Together this trio is a force to be reckoned with, and with them on your side – no person dare to harm you else feel their power!

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Creature Feature: TED

Today’s Creature Feature:

TED The Fire Drake

TED is known for his colors of red and gold. When the sun hits his red scales, they seem to glow much like stained glass, and his golden eyes shine like candle light. He protects those who keep him close, providing Strength, Courage, and Friendship. Although an honorable Drake, he still enjoys treasures of the material kind – especially GOLD! Make no mistake though, this Drake would never STEAL anything!!!

You can meet TED personally September 10th at the Midwest Conjurefest! So stop on by and say Hi 🙂 You could be the lucky one to take TED home!

*Can’t Make it to Conjurefest? You can also find TED Here!)

TED Back View
TED Back View
TED Front View
TED Front View

Tuesday August 15, 2017

With Midwest Conjurefest coming up next month, I’m working on making some of my beaded creations. One of them will be exclusive to Conjurefest, and a few others will be exclusive to the Halloween season 🙂 There, you will get a sneak preview into what’s to come in October! In the days leading up to Conjurefest, I will be featuring one of my beaded creations – giving them a moment in the spotlight along side some interesting facts about them! In addition, I will also be doing a drawing at Conjurefest for a FREE custom made beaded creation. So make sure to come visit me and enter into the drawing! Until then, think of what creation you like the most, and what colors you would like it to be – you could be the winner!

For those unable to make Conjurefest, or don’t live in Nebraska, I will be doing an online special for the 10th of September only. This special will include exclusive first access to the Halloween creations before their official October release! (More details soon to come)

For those new to the Midwest Conjurefest, this is a FREE family friendly event where thre will be a variety of readers, venders, music, and food. It’s on September 10th from 12:00pm – 6:00pm. For more information, check our their FaceBook page or Event Page 🙂

We look forward to seeing you there!