Over The Weekend

Over the weekend I made a few earrings: Fish, Reindeer, Cat, Dragonfly, and Butterfly. My favorite one is the Dragonfly set so far, the color’s go really well together (metallic blue and silver). I’m currently thinking up of a new pattern – a Thunderbird. It’s going to be yellow and gold toned with four wings. I have a good idea on how to make it, being it’s similar to the phoenix pattern – just needs a few tweaks. I’m hoping to have my prototype done by Friday this week, it’ll be a great addition as an ornament or sun catcher 🙂

Thunderbirds represent guardians and warriors – they protect people whom they come across. They are most commonly found in storms, though occasionally one might appear even on a sunny day. When you think you hear a clap of thunder, or saw a random lightning strike during a clear night – what you  may have seen is a thunderbird passing through. Whether or not you believe in ‘mythical’ creatures, their picture and symbolism holds great beauty and meaning.Similar to the dragon, even though not many believe in their existence they still have a meaning and are found in nearly every culture.

Have a great evening everyone!

Thank you for reading 🙂


Author: LMo The Artist

Artist, Producer, and Publisher... I enjoy the artistic side of life! Although I'm new to the internet scene, I'm going to get my work out there and have fun doing it. Even if not many people find my works, I hope that the people who do enjoy it! Even reaching just one person would mean a lot, and I hope that I can help them in some way - either with enjoyment of my work, or teaching them something new. If you are that one person reading this, Thank You for your support and Time. I hope you get something out of my blog, and if you happen to get any of my works - I hope you enjoy them! And if you have any ideas or interests you would like to see on the blog, I'm open to ideas to make it better! Cheers! -Lmo The Artist

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