New Pattern 11/9/2016

I created a new pattern – a phoenix! I really like how the tail came out, and once I create a final version it will look really good using complementary colors ^.^ One downfall though – the tail is really heavy =( So In order to combat that I added a wire to the back of the phoenix as shown in the picture above. I can use stronger wire for the larger beads, though with the seed beads that’s difficult to do because if the wire is too thick it won’t go through the holes >.< So, the solution for the seed beads at the moment will be to add the extra wire to hang from the back as well as over the wings to make it still look like it’s flying =)

I’m pretty excited about making the small version ^.^ I already have my first order! I’ll post a pic when it’s done, and hopefully get another up for sale on my Square Store ^.^

Have a great evening everyone!


Author: LMo The Artist

Artist, Producer, and Publisher... I enjoy the artistic side of life! Although I'm new to the internet scene, I'm going to get my work out there and have fun doing it. Even if not many people find my works, I hope that the people who do enjoy it! Even reaching just one person would mean a lot, and I hope that I can help them in some way - either with enjoyment of my work, or teaching them something new. If you are that one person reading this, Thank You for your support and Time. I hope you get something out of my blog, and if you happen to get any of my works - I hope you enjoy them! And if you have any ideas or interests you would like to see on the blog, I'm open to ideas to make it better! Cheers! -Lmo The Artist

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