Update 7/11/2016

Been working hard on some side projects to earn some extra income. It’s a little harder than I thought, but oh well lol. I’ve learned a lot since starting, like how not to offend people when writing a book. I can be a bit blunt at times, and a little unconventional (a lot unconventional actually). So I’ve had to tone it down a lot in the eBooks I’m working on.

The little snippet here –  make sure content doesn’t offend people…and if it might, add a disclaimer to warn them! There will still be people out there that will dog on you for it, however there are people who are just trolls no matter what you do. On that note, don’t take comments from trolls to heart. Now if there is some beneficial criticism, such as how to make your work better, or something to add into it, then it’s good to listen from time to time!

Have a great day everyone!


Author: LMo The Artist

Artist, Producer, and Publisher... I enjoy the artistic side of life! Although I'm new to the internet scene, I'm going to get my work out there and have fun doing it. Even if not many people find my works, I hope that the people who do enjoy it! Even reaching just one person would mean a lot, and I hope that I can help them in some way - either with enjoyment of my work, or teaching them something new. If you are that one person reading this, Thank You for your support and Time. I hope you get something out of my blog, and if you happen to get any of my works - I hope you enjoy them! And if you have any ideas or interests you would like to see on the blog, I'm open to ideas to make it better! Cheers! -Lmo The Artist

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