Did It!

So here it is, my very first eBook (click here to see)! I’m mostly excited that I just posted it, to get it out there. I created the cover myself, though I know there are freelance sites that will create covers for you for $5 and up. All the poems were from when I was younger, so they are a little dark. It was a depressing time in my life, but luckily it didn’t last =) I also listed one of my drawings on EBay, it has four of the catwomen in it (Click here to see) drawn with charcoal.

Hope everyone has a great day/evening!

-LMo The Artist

Oh, and if anyone was curious about freelance sites for book covers, here are a few that I know of right off hand – though I’m sure there are a lot out there!
99designs.com (if you want to get really fancy)


Author: LMo The Artist

Artist, Producer, and Publisher... I enjoy the artistic side of life! Although I'm new to the internet scene, I'm going to get my work out there and have fun doing it. Even if not many people find my works, I hope that the people who do enjoy it! Even reaching just one person would mean a lot, and I hope that I can help them in some way - either with enjoyment of my work, or teaching them something new. If you are that one person reading this, Thank You for your support and Time. I hope you get something out of my blog, and if you happen to get any of my works - I hope you enjoy them! And if you have any ideas or interests you would like to see on the blog, I'm open to ideas to make it better! Cheers! -Lmo The Artist

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